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the liquid

the liquid

Diese Geschichte spielt im Universum von „Delta Green“, dem Cthulhu-Setting von Pagan Publishing. Sie wurde für die Delta-Green-Mailing-Liste geschrieben. Inzwischen wurde die Geschichte ins Deutsche übertragen und in der „Cthuloiden Welten #1“ veröffentlicht. (Die Geschichte als pdf-Datei zum Download)

We know how this story will end.

Everybody knows it. Or at least everybody should know.

But let’s face it: fact is that people aren’t capable of seeing where their actions will lead to. Although it’s so easy. They create philosophies about something they never really tried to understand. They give it names. They call it fate or luck – or faith. They talk about it, they write books about it, but if you tried to explain what most of them already know – if you tried to explain what fate really is – they would call you a liar.

Once in a while you can meet a person who knows what you are talking about. But those people are rare and usually they are unimportant or mad (or both) and nobody is listening to them

Actually, I don’t want to discuss fate. It makes no sense to discuss something like that. You won’t believe me anyway (that’s why I like you so much). Let’s have a look at our main character instead:

I will call him Angus. From our point of view he is the most important person of the story. We will watch his actions for a while and we will watch the surroundings that are influencing him.

Of course, we won’t begin in the present; we will begin in the past: Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags