Ken Hites „Tour de Lovecraft“ beendet

„So I hold that Lovecraft’s art — like all great art — is fundamentally of its own origin. It comes from where it comes, be it genius, or the Muses, or the Gates of Deeper Slumber. Lovecraft, like all artists, learned to transmit it, to shape it and tame it for our view, as best he could. The proof is in the pudding: Cthulhu (and all that he stands for) has become as Superman, or Sherlock Holmes, or Robinson Crusoe, or Hamlet, or Lancelot, or Jason and the Argonauts — a timeless icon, a myth. Like all myths it can be endlessly interpreted, set on new pedestals or loudly flung away. Without HPL’s craft — and yes, without his „mechanist materialism“ and his psychosomatic fish allergies — he could not have revealed Cthulhu to us in just that form. And without his blindness and his lyre Homer couldn’t have sung the words he did, either. But now, Troy burns eternally. And Cthulhu fhtagn.“Kenneth Hite

Kenneth Hite hat seine Tour beendet. In den letzten Monaten hat er im Zuge seiner Arbeit an „Trail of Cthulhu“ alle Geschichten Lovecrafts kommentiert. Man mag nicht immer seiner Meinung sein (und man sollte die jeweilige Geschichte kennen, um die Kommentare wirklich zu genießen), doch interessant ist seine Meinung allemal.


Veröffentlicht am 28. Juni 2007, in Cthulhu, News. Setze ein Lesezeichen auf den Permalink. Ein Kommentar.

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